Monday, December 1, 2008


Wow. I didn't realize until this morning now much content was going to hit at midnight.  It's a giant wall of text.

I think I'm going to schedule the publication times a bit different - to keep people coming back and to give them something to read throughout the day. Since Reasonably Clever enjoys a pretty international audience, I'll just time things like this:

(All times EST - Eastern Standard)

Midnight(or thereabouts): Brick House Comic Publishes
Six AM - CITY Advent Publishes
Noon - CASTLE Advent Publishes
Four PM - VS Advent Publishes

I'll try that for a week, then tweak if necessary.

1 comment:

Geoffrey said...

I would actually like it if you could figure a way to have Advent blog posts cut down heavily, it's a pain having to scroll down through the pages of advent post just to get to the webcomic post, to see if you wrote anything up on it.

I don't see why it needed the whole introduction written twice, although I do very much appreciate the Advent madness itself.