Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 22

Advent Madness Day Twenty Two


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

For some reason everyone decided to call Player A's new Mini-figure "Emo Boy". I have the name here in my notes several times - but for the life of me I can't remember why we started calling him that. Maybe the hat?

Anyway, Emo Boy was quickly deployed as the pilot of the "Red Cart" vehicle Player A had assembled over the past couple of turns. He added another ranged Siege Weapon and a possible hand-to-hand attack to Player A's defensive line.

As you may recall, last turn Player B combined her attacks and shattered Player A's Ice Cream Girl to individual pieces. This turn Player A returns the compliment by getting rid of the pilot of the Archery Cart - a massive 35-3 Knock Out Blow that takes out not only the Black Skeleton, but also the Archery Cart!

Player B spends a bit of time figuring out the build for her day's model - it's not as tricky as the Palette Jack Player A abandoned a few turns ago, but it's not easy either.

The idea of adding a catapult to her forces is enough to keep Player B focused, though. Soon enough she's added it to her Staging Area - hoping that the snake can fire it off should Player A storm her castle.

Player B's forces continue their charge towards Player A's stronghold - and the Prize that is Santa Claus. The Bomb Bucket is close enough to launch a bomb at Grissom - but he easily defends 6-11.

The Mining Cart is quick enough to zip around the side of Player A's forces to enter the Staging Area! Choosing her target wisely, Player B unleashes some Force Lightning against the cat!

The roll is close - but a 3-1 victory sends the cat flying, and down to only 8 lives left.

Meanwhile, the Alien Commander struggles once again to rise up. Once again, he fails with a roll of 1-3. He's out until turn 24 - talk about waiting until the very last minute....

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