Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 11

Advent Madness Day Eleven

(Open the Doors Here)

Rock formation with torch and gold crystal. With bonus extra flame.

I think it's safe to call this a "Dwarven Sub-Theme" now - today's mini-set fits too well with the ideas of mining and rock-work for anything else.

For a six (seven with the bonus repeat flame) piece set this isn't too bad. The two angular bricks aren't very common, and are both pretty useful in post-Advent constructions. The flame and torch base, while common, are still nice parts with plenty of re-use in them. And you just have to love the gold-toned crystal.

We should see more Dwarven goodness tomorrow - unless we get something completely expected. So far with the CASTLE advent I'm not sure which is more probable...


Anonymous said...

I know! dwarfy has to pick-axe the gold! p.s. says dwarfs are MINERS!

Cat said...

That's a nice hunk of pyrite right there.