Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 8

Advent Madness Day Seven


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

Player A began her turn by looking over the various leftovers from previous days - and wondering how much work on building the cat could get done before the next turn. (The players decided that the cat could indeed build, but it would take the full turn to complete any changes.)

Player A sent her Rocket Cart speeding towards Santa's Cell. Too bad the Aliens were on the lookout...

Back away, Hu-Man!

The Alien Leader throws a spear! Per the QuikWars rules, this gives him a 10" range with a single die of damage. The fireman has three dice of armor (2 +1 for his helmet). The dice are rolled...

The Aliens roll 4, the Fireman defends with 9 - NO DAMAGE!

The thrown spear is left on the table for someone else to, perhaps, pick up and use later.

But there's more combat to be resolved! The fireman attacks the Blue-Squid wielding Martian!
The fireman's Fry Pan gives him two dice of attack power - matching the Martian's two dice of armor to protect him!

The dice roll - The Alien rolls a SIX and two for defense - allowing a bonus roll! The final total is 4-10 in favor of the Martian - NO DAMAGE.

The Blue Martian makes his counter attack on the Fireman - And this time the Dice turn and bite Player A firmly on the hand. In a 11 -6 victory, the FIREMAN IS SMASHED!

To show the extent of damage, the fireman's arm is removed and left to rot. Completing his turn, the Blue Martian climbs aboard the captured Jet Board.

Meanwhile, Player B is having a tough time assembling her daily swag. The picture on the box isn't very clear...and frankly, she's more interested in the bow and arrow accessories anyway.

"....Stupid LEGOs."

Player B ends her turn by moving the Black Skeleton back towards base to take advantage of the new weapons.

Next turn promises to be quite exciting - the Martians are riled up now, and Player A's cat has spent the turn working on something special....


Great escaper said...

eagerly anticipating tomorrow, player A has already proved to be very creative so i wouldnt be surprised if she built a superlaser of doom that wipes out player Bs forces AND the martians in 1 hit! unlikely tho

Anonymous said...

I thought the firefighter had it. Hopefully Mr Kitty can come up with an evil device of destruction and doom.