Monday, December 15, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 15

Advent Madness Day Fifteen


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

More parts arrive to clutter Player A's staging area. Assuming she ever catches a break, perhaps she can hide Santa among the mess...

Player A's Jet-Grill completes its rescue mission and returns the Fireman's corpse to base.

Back at base, the Chef dons protective footgear, Aquaman dons a flak-vest, and the fireman is dumped to the ground.

Ice-Cream-Girl, meanwhile has returned to Santa's cell. She attempts to knock open one of the force-field doors, but fails. (7-10)

Another HEROic FEAT for Player A's Zombie Hero - he's back to life again (4-1), but the ravages of combat mean he's down an arm.

Meanwhile, Player B starts some snake soup with her new pieces.

Player B's movement phase means the cart finally returns to the Staging area - the witch climbs aboard!

The Blue Squid Martian continues to vex Player B's forces - her second knight closes and attempts to slice his way to victory! The Martian is ready, though, and defends with a matching roll of 8-8.

The Blue Martian takes his turn to attack - and a roll of 16-15 sends t
he second Knight's head rolling as well.

Player B's White Skeleton opens fire again on the Yellow Squid Martian - and fails 7-13!
Finally, though, Player B's Crossbow-on-Wheels rolls some good numbers and takes out the Yellow Alien 13-11.

Player B's Knight HERO takes a swing at Santa's Cell....

..and knocks one of the force field doors loose! Santa is still in Stasis until that second door is opened- but he can see daylight for the first time since his capture!

The Alien commander tries yet again to wake up - and again flubs his roll 12-5. Unless his one remaining troop of the Blue Squid Alien can take out that Knightly HERO next turn - Santa is sure to be freed!


Anonymous said...

DEAD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!

Geoffrey said...

Chris: I wonder if you could put together a video of the BrikWars battle between the Advent calendar items/minifigs and Martians, and post it after the battle and the Advent blog posts have finished.

Sort of like an action replay with some blow-by-blow commentary.

Christopher Doyle said...


That'd be a "no".

Anonymous said...

Player B can use that pot as thing like Al's "thwocking" ship's wheel. (Al is from the brick house comics)