Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Episode 588

Read the comic here.

Whiskey vents a bit of my frustration today. It'll be okay, though - the advent storyline is a pretty solid thread through the rest of the month.


Great escaper said...

WOOT, nice POTC refrence/song thing!

Andy Boal said...

lukewarm pork... would that be the contaminated pork in the news over here last week?

somesome said...

i know this isnt realevent but if you know about the gold c3po minifig randomley inserted in star wars sets then you might want to know that a shiney darth vader will be doing the same thing

Christopher Doyle said...


You have a source for that? I'm not seeing anything on my normal news feeds.

Anonymous said...

if i worked for LEGO, i would make a big set with 3 evil witches (this 1 and 2 others) with also a big lair for them to live in. ALSO, it will come with a big pet dragon and dead animals that the whitches will put in there potions (and some alive) AND there will be a veticle that will have knights coming to attack.

P.S. i would also have ALOT of white and black skeletons hanging around.