Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 3

Advent Madness Day Three


 When last we left the Advent Wars both Players had added their Day 2 swag to their Staging Areas with their HERO figures. Both were waiting for Day 3 and the final round of thematic swag to outfit their figures before venturing out to do battle. 

Well, that was a waste of time.

Player A's turn is pretty much a wash - the craptastic "Table with mug and frying pan" daily prize was examined - the pieces listlessly pushed about like unwanted lima beans on a dinner plate. 

At some point the HERO's flaming turkey leg went back to "just" a turkey leg when the flame brick fell out. Oh well.

Will Player B have better luck?

HA HA HA - You will SUFFER!

Player B was much happier with her daily dose of fun. Having gone over the basic combat rules of QuikWars, she knows that each extra piece of armor makes her HERO that much tougher. 


Adding the shield from Day 2's arch, her HERO now has four dice worth of Armor (helm, chest, shield, and one die of "everyone is a little bit tough")  She opted to keep the spear over the sword for better reach. Player B is through being nice.

And it's only turn three!

Things are about to get exciting - as both players wanted to go over the movement rules for use next turn. 


Nick said...

So, just out of curiosity, is this all pre-played or are they just going to wear the same clothes for a month?

Christopher Doyle said...


The first 17 rounds were played in one evening - it's not as if it made sense for them to come by, open one door, then go home until the next day...

The battle has yet to be concluded, though - I hope to get that photographed in the next week or so. (Certainly before the 18th!)

Geoffrey said...

Since the City Advent stuff doesn't have a lot in the way of armor/weapons, did you give any thought to how to balance that out against the Castle advent stuff?

Christopher Doyle said...


The weapon count really doesn't matter. In BrikWars *anything* can be a weapon, with a little imagination.

As to armor - we relaxed the rules so that some plausible accessories gave the armor bonus - for example a life vest would have the same +1 for chest armor as the knight's breastplate. We didn't go overboard, though - a chef's hat would still be just a hat, not armor.

Chris said...

Hey, the City prize wasn't all that bad for accesorizing: he can dual-wield the chicken leg and frying pan.

Christopher Doyle said...


Dual-weapons doesn't do much in QuikWars, other than giving the player an option of which one to hit with on a given turn. Since all weapons are treated the same in terms of damage, there's not a lot of point. Other than being silly.... I guess you do have a point!

Ray-The-Sun said...

Isn't there some kind of bonus for weapons that can be used as a weapon OR a food? Like, You can eat it to regain HP, but its HP give amount reduces each turn/each time you hit someone until it gets rotten and removes your HP?

Anonymous said...

I like your thinking Ray that might work out and after it rots they can use the bone as a boomerang.

Brick Alchemist said...

I want to say that I think this is an amazing idea you had, I cannot wait to see all of it.

Anonymous said...

Our city friend looks screwed. He might be able to crack a frying pan and the cup over the knight, but then again, the knight is armed.

Anonymous said...

In brikwars you can attack with both one at a time in one turn.

Christopher Doyle said...

@9:35 anon:

Yes, but we're using the QuikWars variant. Where you can't.
(Follow links on main VS page for more details on QuikWars)