Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 18

Advent Madness Day Eighteen
(Open the Doors Here)

A Crook!

Now THIS was a shock. I opened today's door and thought I had made a big mistake. No, I had opened door number 18. And the Picture matched the mini-set behind the door. And it did fit the "Mug Shot" Police sub-theme.

But...a second mini-figure as part of a theme? This is a big break with tradition for CITY!

(Admittedly, the 2008 Castle Advent had a similar surprise with two skeletons in its Bonehouse sub-theme - but we'd pretty much established that the CITY and the Castle are two very different beasts.)

Now, as awesome as it is to have another minifigure to add to the Advent Army, I'd be untrue to my inner Grumpus not point out that we've seen this particular dude before - in 2005 he arrived on Day 6 carrying a saw. Perhaps we was up for parole this year.

Why does he come with two sets of handcuffs? Who knows? Who cares? It's a cool accessory that I don't mind having a duplicate of.

Looking ahead we have some new questions to ponder. Was this truly day three of the Cop sub-theme? Is this rather a strange bridge into an all-new Criminal 3-day-crime spree? Or another 2-day "micro theme"?

The burnses and hurtses us.


Anonymous said...

it was made to b like that. Because there is 10 minifigures for 24 days, there would have to b at least 1 or 2 of the small 2 day themes.

Geoffrey said...

Why is it Chris's blog posts are infected with the misspelling disease?


tree - (should've been the plant, not the number)



I don't mind the occasional spelling error, but a whole quartet of them in one blog post? Chris, get a new spelling checker quick!! ;-)

As for the Criminal, I was wondering what Player A would make him into. Slave labor? Gang work?

It's interesting to see how BrikWars can make seemingly ordinary LEGO minifigs into something deadly - although I must admit that Player A must have pretty lopsided dice, as she's getting a lot of rolls statistically in her favor.

Geoffrey said...

Err, stupid fingers, swap plant and number!

Great escaper said...
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Anonymous said...

If the policeman is Grumpypants, then does that mean the guy in the diving suit is Oil?

Ray-The-Sun said...

Its Doctor Octopus' mentally challenged cousin! MR. SQUIDLEYPANTS!(That sounded cooler in my head...)