Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 19

Advent Madness Day Nineteen

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Basket, Apple, Carrot and extra stalk

Considering the generally high-quality of the Mini-models in the Castle Advent so far, today's swag is a bit of a letdown. It must have been a very rough year for produce - the only items in the bushel are a solitary apple, a carrot, and an extra bit of greens. Hardly a feast by any standards.

I like the LEGO carrots, but they were designed for the Belville theme. As such, they're woefully out of scale for the standard mini-figure. I mean, scaling up to human size these carrots would be nearly 3' long...not counting the stems. While carrots do get that big, it's hardly the common version. Recently LEGO has cast the base of the Carrot in brown and used it as a torch in the Indiana Jones sets. It's a much better use, in my opinion.

Eh. It could always be worse.


John Eddy said...

... england has it's own carrot museum?

I'm torn between 'Awesome' and 'Whu?!?'

Anonymous said...

Im, Stuck beetween Uhh...

And Ummmm...