Monday, December 15, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 15

Advent Madness Day Fifteen
(Open the Doors Here)

Underwater Scooter with extra pin, arm, and light

I'll say this for the 2008 CITY Advent Calendar - some of the sub-sets have been pretty cool. Today's offering qualifies for the "cool" tag - this little robotic rover fits well with the Diver/Coast Guard theme and is pretty nifty in it's own right.

While the parts that make up the model aren't rare or even difficult to find, they're put together in a useful way. The final result has a polished feel to it. The robotic arms suggest play opportunities - perhaps this little guy is more "Robot" than "Scooter" - more of a sidekick to our Aquaman than a mere mode of transportation.

Anyway, a nice close to the sub-theme.


CM said...

The arms were too loose on the peg pieces, so I just stuck the extra arm on the middle, and snapped the other two on either side of it. Now the arms are longer, and they have more poseability.

Did your arms stay on pretty well?

Christopher Doyle said...


My arms didn't have any problem staying attached/posed - but I like your solution a lot!

Anonymous said...

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