Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 14

Advent Madness Day Fourteen

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The Most Glorious Mini-Figure Ever

Oh, Castle Advent, how you play with my heart. Yesterday you gave me a box and a frog and called it "good". Today, you give me an exclusive figure that is all the shades of awesome mixed together.

One of the few joys that I've found in the CITY advent over the years has been the release of rare or newly-recolored parts. The mini-figures have always been "stock" though - sure, the parts might have been combined in a new way, but there was never a new paint job, never anything truly original in the mix.

Today - Day Fourteen of the Castle Advent - we get something new. This witch figure may share a face with another late-2008 release (Claw-Dette from the retailer-exclusive Volcano Base Agents set.) She may have a common black witch's hat. And maybe her accessory of force-lightning showed up earlier this year. But her outfit is all new - and made of pure win.

Female LEGO mini-figures are few and far between - and all too often they're cast in the role of "hapless victim" or "princess." Not so our fiesty Witch. She's clearly the adversarial type - and although her dress may have a poorly-sewn patch on it, you know that's because she's too busy kicking some heroic BUTT to get to the tailor.

Heck, I'm even looking forward to seeing what sort of support-sets she gets in the next couple of days.

Oh, LEGO, why didn't you make this the mass-release Calendar this year? You would have sold SOOOOO many of them...


Great escaper said...

Wow! She looks awsome!

(You know, in a thats-never-been-seen-before kind of way not the wrong and gross MILF fetish way)

hewkii9 said...

Lol, I doubt this witch has had enough time between being witchy and Force Lightning-ing people to get impregnated.

Ryan said...

I guess that expalins the frog, then...

3rd Bob said...

She's got hand energy! She's a Mare!