Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 5

Advent Madness Day Five

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Weapons Rack with Blade, Shield and Pole Arm

Another day, another image lifted from Bricklink due to my misplacing my set. Whoops.

Day Five of Castle continues the outfitting of the Skeleton Warrior from Day 4. There's a shield for added armor and two nasty weapon alternates for him (her?) to enjoy.

There's no getting around the slow start that Advent Calendars suffer from - if you're starting from scratch each year it'll take a while before you have enough parts to really enjoy yourself. The Castle Advent, however, is doing a pretty good job of keeping me interested and keeping the mini-figures busy with things to do to each other. Even if "things" means massive amounts of violence.

I guess if we wanted "happy playtime" we should have petitioned for another Belville calendar....


somesome said...

you know last year i made a robot out of city calender spare parts and had to be quite clever to use every peice

Anonymous said...

lol, it sounds like u had a lot of fun with it.