Friday, December 12, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 12

Advent Madness Day Twelve

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Mine Cart with extra wheel and jumper brick

Day Twelve brings us Day Three of the Dwaven Miner Sub-Theme - a rolling mining cart.

A ten part set (twelve with the extras), this mini-model is another small victory for the Castle Advent. The construction is fairly simple, yet teaches young builders the essentials of using a jumper brick to create an easy-to-separate surface. (The box of the cart separates from the wheeled base.) The CITY advent tried to show a similar construction trick, but inexplicably broke the model up over two days.

This should conclude the Dwarf-run - let's hope LEGO keeps the momentum going with a strong set tomorrow!


3rd Bob said...

Am I the only one glad that they have a spare Indiana Jones mini-fig to go with this?

Geoffrey said...

"Twelve" is misspelled in the blog post.

As for the mine cart, I wonder if BrikWars allows a cart to have a concealable weapon of some sort?

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