Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 5

Advent Madness Day Five


"What IS this?"

As noted elsewhere in Advent Madness, today's CITY door is a bit of a stretch to identify. Player A, never one to be confined by convention or the suggested assembly instructions immediately ditched the "Ice Cream Stand" fiasco in favor of trying to match the weapon upgrades the Castle Advent has been giving Player B.

"This! Is! ICE CREAM!"

In moments the ill-designed stand was transformed into a shield and State-Fair worthy "Ice Cream On A Stick". The remaining parts were placed in the staging area with the Grill - awaiting inspiration as to new uses.

Move 'em OUT!

Player A's Movement Phase had her HERO (Man Eating Turkey) advance another 5" or so towards Player B's base while her Ice Cream Spartan moved out behind him.

Mine is an evil laugh.

Meanwhile, Player B was enjoying another gleeful day of upgrading her forces. The Castle Advent gift was a set of weapons for yesterday's Skeleton Warrior - and although dual-weilding weapons doesn't add any attack value to her figures, it sure ups their coolness factor.

It's a FORT.

The problem, however, is that her Skeleton had already left the base, and her HERO Knight was already fully equipped. Sticking today's loot onto the Gate from Day 2 was as innovative as Player B could be today.


For her movement phase, Player B reversed her plans from yesterday. Her Skeleton warrior headed back home while her HERO Knight sallied forth.

Still - the forces are closing on one another...and Santa. And the Martians have yet to get involved.

Be here tomorrow! Same Advent-Time, same Advent-Channel!


Nick said...

What are the scissors for?

3rd Bob said...
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3rd Bob said...

Opening the bags the pieces are in, I'd wager.

Nick said...

Oh, I bet you're right. I hate the bags these are in, so much harder to open than regular ones. I hope they don't stay.

Anonymous said...

player A had a bit of trouble opening the bags. me being awesome(lol) i had no problems. i thought it was kinda funny she needed scissors.

until tomorrow,

-Player B

Ray-The-Sun said...

Told Ya She'd go makeshift weaponry.