Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 7

Advent Madness Day Seven

(Open the Doors Here)

Knight with two Swords

Another mini-figure! LEGO certainly has weighted the play-value towards the front of their Castle Advent Calendar - making a 4/7 ratio of figures to doors. Amazing.

Of course, there is some balance to this. I'm sure we'll be returning to "two days of stuff following a fig" with today's Knight-2 sub-theme. But still - a Skeleton Theme with two monsters? Unexpected!

Okay. Back to today's swag.

Our second knight comes with possibly the coolest single-piece helmet in the castle line. He's got a cheeky Han Solo grin on his face, standard Knight torso and legs, and two swords. Of coruse, the box only shows him with one...the second is surely just an extra part from LEGO. But what kid is going to leave it behind when you could just as easily create the Sexy Sentry shown here?

I'm sure he'd stay and chat, but our first knight is being double teamed by Skeletons and could use a bit of backup. Ta-ta!


Ray-The-Sun said...

Does this get the Standard DW Rules? Just wonderin'

Shinkiller said...

I now have TWO of those figures, having already gotten one on the first day! Must say it really doesn't bother me as I very much prefer this figure! :o)


Anonymous said...

"DW Rules"?

Great escaper said...

dual weilding rules

Great escaper said...
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Zacknut said...

ARGGG I didn't get an extra sword