Thursday, December 11, 2008

Episode 583

Read the comic here.

My Dwarf talks a bit like a pirate. I was going to make him Canadian...but that's really the Order Of the Stick's bag.

I had forgotten what a challenge it is to incorporate a new item every day. I've been trying to mix up spotlighting things with just incorporating them into the strip in minor ways. Luckily the calendar is pretty mini-figure heavy - it's a lot easier to write a conversation with a bit player than make a bit of rock seem interesting for one day.


Geoffrey said...

Maybe if there are Advent calendars next year, you could figure ways of incorporating both of them into the strip at the same time.

With this year's strips going off to the Castle universe, it might have been a bit challenging to see a City Advent character pop in through the portal.

Heck, do they even know what a portal is in City anyway?

Nick said...

The entire city must be SciFi nerds or Valve fanboys.