Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 21

Advent Madness Day Twenty One


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

Player A had an immediate idea of how to apply today's parts to her growing army. Having grown fond of the two-dice-of-damage of her Jet-Grill's Siege Engine Slam, she parts together...

...A missile launcher. "Manned" by her cat, Player A's staging area just became a bit more dangerous. Certainly more dangerous than if she had taken the Advent Box's suggestion and treated today's model as refreshing Soda for her troops.

Player A moves Santa behind her barricade and re-organizes her other troop's defensive positions to fend off the coming storm of Player B's forces.

Ice-Cream Girl arrives on her Jet-Cart. The assembled troops seems to say "Come Get Some."

Meanwhile, Player B adds a Troll Warrior to her forces. With the return of the Wench to the Staging Area this turn, she suddenly has a surplus of pilots for her Bomber Bucket (constructed last turn.) Her solution?

Create a hoverboard for the Wench. And be sure she picks up some extra weapons while she can.

At the beginning of her Movement Turn, Player B is ready to send some potent reinforcements chasing after her first wave of troops, who all move forward a bit in an action I neglected to photograph. (Whoops.)

The Hover Board has a movement rate of 10" from the Chaos Gem motor at the rear.

The Bomber Bucket has a maxed-out movement rate of 15" with the dual-gem motors and extra flaming spikes. Player A, however, is unwilling to let Player B use the movement sticks as a ramp and let the Bomber Bucket get a couple of extra inches due to "a cool jump."

It should be noted at this point Players A and B are both a bit annoyed at the survival of some mini-figues despite entire regiments firing on them in unison. We check the rules and find out that there's a rule to cover this that we'd been ignoring. A player can, if they desire, combine attacks from multiple sources to overcome high armor ratings. This, of course, is terrible news for Ice-Cream Girl.

Last turn Player A had a series of super lucky rolls that kept Ice Cream Girl alive despite all of Player B's forces taking a shot at her. This round they all open fire again - but this time in unison. The combined roll of 27-16 scatters Ice Cream Girl to the wind.

Sure, that sounds like bad news for Player A - but remember - she has her troops well deployed and can use that same "combined fire" rule herself.

I have a feeling she'll be doing just that in her next turn...


Anonymous said...

yay! I really hated ice cream girl.

Anonymous said...

To Chris: just incase you need it, a ¿ is made by holding the Alt button and pressing 4 2 4 on the numbers on the far right of the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Ice cream girl...dead...I still wnt city to win but i can't decide it.

Great escaper said...

Wheres the man eeating turkey hero anyway, is he still dead?