Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 19

Advent Madness Day Nineteen


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

As we enter the home stretch, Player A adds yet another mini-figure into her army.

Since Mr. Orange didn't arrive with a weapon of his own, he picks up a stick from the debris littering Player A's Staging Area as a makeshift bat (or maybe spear.)

Seeing an opening, Ice Cream Girl is moved to the abandoned Jet-Cart.

The remainder of Player A's forces spread out to try and stop Player B's forces as they chase after Santa.

Speaking of Santa, the Jet-Grill makes a hasty departure from the center of the playing field. Luckily Aquaman is still manning the suplemental oar, keeping the Grill with a 10" movement range despite the extra passenger weight.

Player A's turn ends with Ice-Cream Gal re-claiming the Jet-Cart.

Player B has to make due to with a barrel and some fruit for her parts re-supply.

She decides to add the new ingredients into the snake soup she had boiling back in her Staging Area.

Player B begins her main turn by trying a HEROic Revive on her HERO Knight. (Knocked out at the end of last turn)

She's in luck! The dice are with her and the HERO is back on his feet.

The maid heads for Player A's forces. Meanwhile, the Witch gets back into the Mine Cart.

The Archery Team follows the Jet-Grill's path and chases them behind the Stasis Cell.

Player B has her bat attack the one remaining Martian: Blue Squid Alien. Sadly, it flubs the attack with a 5-6 roll.

The Blue Squid Alien counter attacks and with a roll of 3-2 knocks the bat from the sky! Unfortuanatly for him, though, this sets off the bat's bomb! The resulting 15-5 explosion kills both the Alien AND the hapless bat! Tragic!

Things are starting to look Grim for Player B - but there's still several turns to go...and the tables are turning so fast they might as well be mounted on a record player.


takua-777 said...

would it be possible to reverse the advent wars posts in the link from the homepage? it's difficult to read them from there cos they're all seemingly reversed.

Great escaper said...

yea i agree, it is very awkward to read them as they are in reverse chronological order

Baz said...

Personally, I'm rooting for Player A, because of her bad start.