Friday, December 5, 2008

Episode 577

Read the comic here.

Just in case you were wondering, YES, there's an episode every day until Christmas. So tune in tomorrow for more Brick House goodness.


Geoffrey said...

I wonder if the Troll Sherriff should've stuck around for the first couple of visitors to make sure Whiskey was getting the right impression?

I very much appreciate the extra trouble Chris is going to in order to bring us episodes seven days a week until Christmas.

Ray-The-Sun said...

I have an idea. Remove the other Not-Long arm and add it to the long arm and THEN replace it with the Scythe-Head Scimitar.

lexpendragon said...

Ya know, with the comic, we get a preview of the new castle figure before we get the update on that day being opened.

Christopher Doyle said...


Very true. I may juggle the order of updates a bit so that it can be a better surprise...


Castle at Midnight
City at six
Comic at noon
VS at four

Anonymous said...

sweet! vs after school!