Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 5

Advent Madness Day Five
(Open the Doors Here)

Ice Cream Stand and extra yellow dot.

Okay, I just typed out the description for today's item, but I have to wonder - if someone had just walked up to me on the street and handed me this model to identify...would I have had a clue as to what I was looking at?

I mean, turn sideways and it's a microscale space freighter with a heat shield.

Or maybe just a random assemblage of parts.

Well, whatever it is, it's minimalist. And at least there are some fun and useful parts in there for re-use.


Ray-The-Sun said...

I actually LIKE it...

Although its probably because it looks like a Space freighter with a heat shield. Oh well. Carve it up for parts and you can get a make shift Sword & Shield from it!

Fang Q said...

What are these 'fun parts' you speak of?

Christopher Doyle said...

The Red angle bracket is great for SNOT work and you can never have too many discs or those in-wall-cabinet thingies...

Tometheus said...

One thing you haven't mentioned is how much more fun the actual advent box is in the Castle set for actually playing with the items. Like today's skeleton has a little snow angel impression to play in. The City box... well... there's no interaction with the items, it's just a backdrop.


The thing that annoys me about the ice cream set is that it comes in two parts (with tomorrow's being the second part of the ice cream cart).

Anonymous said...

It's an ice cream cart, like in NY or something.
I'm a young reader but dang, how could you not find it out..