Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 16

Advent Madness Day Sixteen

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Shelving with potions, bat, and extra stuff.

Day sixteen of the Castle Advent, day three of the Witch sub-theme. Yesterday's cauldron fit in well with the theme - today's set is a little more iffy. When it comes to bookcases, it looks like this one was purchased at a discount store- it doesn't fit together very well. Oh, it looks okay from a distance...but get closer and you see that it's not very functional.

On the other hand, the parts that comprise the set are pretty useful in the post-Advent building world, so I'll forgive the shoddy construction for now.

In addition to the shelving LEGO gives us a bunch of transparent bricks to make up bottles and potions and whatnot. I'm a big fan of transparent bricks in general, so no complains there.

The final item in today's mini-set is a bat - and it's the bat that really helps this door have any link to the Witch sub-theme. Combine today's loot with yesterday's set and you have the start of a nice little workshop for our Evil Heroine. I say "start" because I'm not sure if we're done with this theme yet. The Dwarf got four days - perhaps our Witch will, too.

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