Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 24

Advent Madness Day Twenty Four
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Snowball Girl and Snowman

You know, LEGO didn't do too bad with the CITY Advent this year. Sure there were a few repeat sub-themes, and there were days where the mini-models made no sense at all - but, looking back at the calendar as a whole... It was a fun trip.

And this trip comes to an end with Day 24 - a final self-contained sub-theme to keep everyone happy and busy while they eye the rectangular boxes under the tree and hope they contain more LEGO sets.

This year Santa is again strangely absent - in his place is a wintery duo of a Snowman and mini-figure. Maybe she's the snowman's sculptor. Maybe she's a random passer-by. All I know for sure is that the extra parts that don't go directly into the Snowman's construction leaves me wondering if the LEGO designers didn't end the calendar with some juvenile humor about snowballs.

As far as Snowmen go, this is an interesting take on their construction. It's certainly recognizable - while somehow remaining extremely abstract in form. The tophat and broom give the Snowman instant credibility - despite the fact that he has no face.

The accompanying mini-figure is pretty unimpressive - standard hair, head, torso and legs. An overall is probably not the best outfit for playing in snow, but I guess the designers had their reasons.

Leaked set information for 2009 suggests that this time next year we'll be wrapping up the 2009 CITY Advent. Will it improve on the 2008 release? Or will we spend the Holidays weeping for lost opportunities?

Tell you what. You show up again to read about the Advent next year - and I'll take the time to write about it. Deal?


Andy Boal said...

I would guess it's supposed to be a girl wearing dungarees, but what do I know? ;)

Still a couple of pre-Christmas strips to go? (hint hint!)

mat said...

i woke up @ midnight uk time and then @ three o'clock uk time i was really excited!

Ray-The-Sun said...



Anonymous said...

Ray-The-Sun: you might get them for Christmas this year.

Judegramma said...

I figure the girl has on snow bibs (ala ski togs)

There were new pirate sets that showed up in Target. I got the last raft set out of the kindness of an acquaintance's heart. I'm glad we're back to normal pirates and not those big figs. They were weird.