Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 23

Advent Madness Day Twenty Three

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Treasure Chest with Gems and Spider

We're down to the wire. Those of you who looked at the front of the box for the Castle Advent know there's one awesome mini-figure to go...and he didn't show up on the 23rd. So today's set is just a final place holder - and a finish to the Troll Sub-Theme.

As far as "finishes" go, it's not too bad. The treasure chest and loot fit the theme, as does the spider. On the downside there's no actual building to be done with today's items. These are just bits of set dressing and accessories to make the rest of the theme a bit more extravagant.

Heh. I suppose if I were to receive a chest of Gems for Christmas I'd be pretty happy about it. So let's call it a base hit and turn our eyes back to the Advent Calendar...to await tomorrow's big surprise.


Ray-The-Sun said...

I hopr its Not Something good. That way I won't be jealous and I won't have to start Browsing EbayEbayEbayEbay...
My spellcheck bloked.

Oh, and this was on my bad Compy, so I'm not logged into blogger.

somesome said...

wait.we got a jet ski today. that means we havent gota figure or snowman who are both on the box

somesome said...

Word Verifications
why does geofry(dont blame me for bad spelling)post them.sorry





JimmytheJ said...

looks like Christmas Ork (Sound better with the Warhammer 'k') gots a box of decorations!

Word Verification: untlisms

Anonymous said...

it is probably the snowman, snow balls, jester, and a mountain.