Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Episode 594

Read the comic here.

This strip suffers a bit from Mother Tango's lack of expression options - she's meant to be just as worried as Mary Sue is. Her feelings are clearer next episode, which should publish at the regular time. (Getting me back on schedule!)


somesome said...


it is so not a sled.theres not even a way to pull it or push it without consecrences.its oviousley powered by christmas magic(not that lego has much)

Word Verification:ikeuri

Geoffrey said...

I do wonder if Whiskey is going to be himself. It sure doesn't look like it, unless that evil witch comes back with an antidote. ;)

Baz said...

A catatonic Whiskey? Good for the cast, bad for the readers.....

And what is a "consecrence"?