Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 10

Advent Madness Day Ten

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Dwarf with Pickaxe

Day ten turns out to be the dawn of a new theme - or at the very least an excuse for a new Mini-figure to join the Castle Advent ranks. Say "Howdy" to Mr. Dwarf.

The dwarves entered the Castle universe last year as a retailer exclusive - and in 2008 they earned a few mainstream sets of their own. They feature all new beard pieces, swanky new helmets, and sadly non-articulated legs.

Removing the beard and helm from today's figure shows that underneath the swarthy exterior beats the heart of a short, yet otherwise standard, Knight of the Realm. From a parts standpoint, while the head and torso are quite common, the short brown legs have been in demand for a long time now - mostly due to their use in Yoda and Ewok minis.

Now we know from their debut that LEGO has some nice Dwarf-themed creations that could show up as mini-sets. We'll probably be seeing at least two of them in the days to come. But I think hoping for the full Seven Dwarves would be too much even for this fairy tale.


Great escaper said...

OH wow! Awsome! I didnt know you could get dwarf mini-figures! =D

*btw, remember, in Whiskey's unverse, they kill people who are really short, see likeepisode 5 of the comic, so mabye have Whiskyy reference that?

Anonymous said...

cool! the golden helmet dwarf is the dwarf king!

JimmytheJ said...

Heh, I swapped out that torso to add to my little crown-knights army... all I need now is a trip to brick-link for his helmet. I also used the armor from day three on a random bley-suited guy for an extra knight. Yay extras! ^_^