Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 18

Advent Madness Day Eighteen


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

Player A's round opens with her new Criminal taking stock of the bricks in the Staging Area.

Ultimately, though, Player A opts to have him man the ramparts for a better view of the battlefield.

Player A's forces are on the move - circling around behind the breached stasis chamber, the Jet-Grill and Ice-Cream Girl flank the Martian Commander and his captive, Santa.

Meanwhile the Chef moves up and grabs a discarded spear in his free hand.

Grissom grabs a frying pan for close range attacks (and for use as a makeshift shield) and heads out at well.

Attack time! The Jet-Grill uses its Siege Engine Grill Smash move on the Martian Commander. A roll of 11-8 squashes the leader and frees Santa from the alien's control!

Quickly capitalizing on her victory, Player A loads Santa onto the Jet-Grill.

Player A also has Ice-Cream girl toss her spear at the Black Skeleton- it's a 7-13 miss.

Player B assembles her Wench...

And discards her broom in favor of some more meaty weapons. Sure, they all do the same damage, but the look much cooler.

Out on the battlefield, Player B's Witch hops out of the broken Mining Cart and spends a turn repairing it. The Bat (equipped with Bat-Bomb) moves closer to the Blue Squid Alien, but is still out of range this turn.

The Wench moves out.

The archers move into hand-to-hand range with the Jet-Cart. Player B has decided to use her ranged weapons as bludgeons to gain an extra die of damage.

That extra die does no good, though - the dice are now favoring Player A's Aquaman defends himself repeatedly with rolls of 9-11, 6-11, and 10-10.

The Dwarf takes a swing at the Blue Squid Alien - but Player B is just not having a good turn. The attack fails 6-7.

The Martian forces, though down to an unconscious Leader and one lone Blue Squid solider, still have an impact on the game. Taking a mighty swing, the Blue Squid Alien smashes the Dwarf for a massive 15-10 Knock-Out! The Dwarf is hit so hard, in fact, that he's knocked clean out of his beard!

Oh, the humiliation!

Unfortunately for the Martians this is the only bit of good news this turn. Attempting a HEROic Feat, the Martian Commander tries to revive - only to fail massively 1-7. This knockback is bad enough to force him into a coma for another turn - it'll be Day 20 before he can try and revive again.

And who knows what could happen in the meantime...?


Zepher said...

Okay, I've been following this so far, but have never gotten around to commenting, so afew over all things.

1) Awesome idea, and even awesomer execution! I love reading ewach day, it seems your family is having a ton of fun!

2) Shout out for the wife: I LOVE Ice Cream Girl. While I liked her ice cream staff more, she is still awesome! Don't know why, but feel she is one of the best characters!

3) Nice build Doyle! I like the Statis Cell.

Over-all looks awesome! I'd love to try a brickwar now!

Christopher Doyle said...


Just to clarify - Players A and B are just good friends of mine who were willing to help out. My wife does not appear in Advent War.

(Her photo did show up on a special Valentine's Day Brick House back in 2007 though...)