Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 4

Advent Madness Day Four
(Open the Doors Here)

Woman with Ice Cream

Looks like CITY Advent will, once again, be following the tried-and-true Minifigure/2 days of releated theme pattern. Yesterday closed off the Turkey Arc, today starts Dessert.

As far as Mini-figures go, "Woman" isn't overy special. The Sailboat T-Shirt has been around s1ince 1994 - and was part of the 2005 CITY Advent (Day 18, Man with Radio). The legs are standard blue, the ponytail standard black. Even the face is familiar, being around since 2004.

Her accessory is a bit questionable as well. It's ice cream - but not in a cup, cone, or glass. It's...hand held. That's GOT to be messy.


Geoffrey said...

I think the base that allows it to hold onto the minifig hand/stud it's placed on, being essentially the bottom of a 1x1 round plate, would also serve as a cone/cup.

That being said, with a minifig hand/arm that is rather stiff, one wonders just how they get it close enough to their mouth.

Nick said...

Well, you could say that they're actually snow balls, but she doesn't look dressed for snow so it doesn't really fit.

Ray-The-Sun said...

Yeah I guess you might be ri-
Wait a minute... WOULDN'T THAT MAKE IT A CHRISTMAS THEME?! Well it would, So there's no chance they're snowballs. None.

NickB said...

I'm starting to detect an Australian Christmas theme here. BBQ, icecream - if a kangaroo wearing a santa clause hat appears, we'll know it's true.

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