Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 2

Advent Madness Day Two


When we last left our players, they had just set out their first mini-figures. Since they knew they'd be getting stuff for those figures to use behind today's doors, they didn't do a whole lot more.

Before the round began, each hero was placed on a red 2x4 plate to help keep them upright, as well as to remind everyone who the HERO figures are. The remaining figures will use brown plates as stands. 

Arch Nemesis

Player B didn't have much to do with her set - after assembling things to match the drawing on the box, she simply set the arch around her HERO and waited for more goodies tomorrow.

This looked a lot better on the box.

Player A, meanwhile, was working on a slightly more complex build. The fact that LEGO had included extra pieces wasn't helping the assembly process any. 

Put another Leg on the Barbie!

Eventually, however, her HERO was introduced to his giant grill. Then...inspiration strikes. Noticing the extra flame part from today's kit, Player A makes a modification to the HERO's weapon.


With a bit of creativity, the hand-to-hand club of the Turkey Leg is now a ranged attack Grease Fire weapon!  AND a club. That's quick (and reasonably violent!) thinking!

Sadly, neither Player was interested in moving out of their Staging Areas quite yet - perhaps things will liven up more tomorrow as more parts are added into the mix. 

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kmitcham said...

2x4, not 2x6 plate