Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 10

Advent Madness Day Ten
(Open the Doors Here)

Chef with Oar

With our "Fireman and Cat" triumvirate safely completed, Day Ten features the beginning of yet another new sub-theme for the CITY advent calendar. Sadly, it's a theme we've seen again and again in the Advent universe- that of the chef.

I spent many long minutes staring at today's figure, hoping to see something new in the plain white legs, standard chef's hat and torso, and bland smile. I looked to the strangely nautical oar for possible inspiration.

And then I realized: This Chef is actually a NINJA.

Yes, LEGO tried to slip one by us by using a clever disguise, but this man is clearly a master of dozens of Eastern fighting forms, a silent killer who slips away like a surprisingly nimble flan.

I'm sure of it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, He's clearly THE CHEF! The wanted criminal. Armed with His deadly weapon, MR OAR.

By the way, Check out my web comic -

Geoffrey said...

If used correctly, it could be combined with elements to make a more powerful ice-cream weapon.

That is, if players are allowed to recover weaponry from fallen soldiers in brikwars? I'm not familiar with how they're supposed to work.

Cat said...

Might want to keep Scotch away from this dude.

Ray-The-Sun said...

Ok, so he's a ninja. so that makes him a...