Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 9

Advent Madness Day Nine
(Open the Doors Here)


Okay, yesterday people thought I was being too harsh on LEGO's efforts - that the "cat in the tree" mini-set deserved a super-happy review instead of the luke-warm one it received.

Maybe so.

But I defy anyone to find the silver lining in today's three parts. A 2x4 green plate. A standard black hinge plate. And a black grate.

Oh, sure, combined with the previous two days you have a nice little diorama of a fireman saving a kitten from a rough fall. It's a touching Hallmark Moment.

But evaluated on its own merits?

Today's set SUCKS.

Let's hope tomorrow starts off a new theme - and that the new theme has a bit of flair.


Anonymous said...

i can't find any happiness in this set, except u can combine it with day 8.

There's nothing special about any of these pieces. They can all b found easily on the lego website.

Al459163 said...

I hope they start a new sub theme tommorrow. I don't know what else they could do with this one.

Fang Q said...

Player A can use this as a catapult if Player B is lenient enough.

P.S Verification word is Slanchon. I have no idea what a slanchon is, but it looks prettiful.

somesome said...

i cant find a way to describe my hatred for this model without swearing and you know what i feel about swearing.if you dont read last years advent blog coments.