Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 9

Advent Madness Day Nine

(Open the Doors Here)

Crossbow on Wheels

So...is this part of a theme or not? Yesterday's archery set is carried forward somewhat in the projectile-nature of today's set, and it does seem like something the Knight from Day 7 could use. But I'm not sure I could put a good name to this sub-theme. Pointy things?

If you look at yesterday's set as target practice, then today's set is an answer for those mini-figures who just need a bigger gun to waste the target. Well, sort of. If you look, you'll notice the actual "weapon" part of today's set is the same crossbow that the Black Skeleton came with. (Just in cast in sliver, not brown.)

As far as mini-sets go, I'm pretty happy with this one. While the part count is still pretty low (seven pieces in total) the parts themselves are pretty nifty.

And considering how weapons-heavy the Castle Advent has been so far, it's probably a good idea they gave us a cart to move all that armament around...

The question now is what will lurk behind tomorrow's door. Will this be a return to the 3-day-themes with a new mini-figure...or will we get another Knightly sub-model?

Gosh - it almost feels like a countdown or something...

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Da_Higg said...

I think its a Ballista actually.