Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 7

Advent Madness Day Seven


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

Rocket Cart!

Player A wasted no time in upgrading her vehicle design from yesterday once Day 7's Fireman minifig was in the Staging Area. Using the QuikWars rules, a vehicle gets 5" of movement per Propulsion System - by adding Jets to the back she's increased the movement from 5" to 10".

She's also armed the fireman with a frying pan. There was a few moments where she tried developing a flame-throwing phone, but it was quickly dropped as not as silly as the frying pan.

The Staging Area of Misfit Bricks

The remaining bricks were left haphazardly around Player A's Staging Area.


For her movement phase, Player A advanced her sled (complete with Fireman) to her font line.

We Are Family!

Player B was pleased with her door, of course. One more mini-figure to crush her opposition with!

She immediately rushed the new recruit out to the front lines.

Meanwhile, just 8" or so away from Player B's forces, the Martians stand by to repel invaders...


Great escaper said...

hahahah that was so creative!! XD

That rocket scooter looks pretty cool now! Can other minifigs get on the same vehicle, for example, ice cream woman get on the back, increasing the attack power of the scooter?

Anonymous said...

with city's demolishing & building something else and castle's armies, powers are the same. (not EXACTLY same!)

Anonymous said...

oh,and nice jail cell!