Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 3

Advent Madness Day Three
(Open the Doors Here)

Table with Fry Pan and Mug

Okay, yesterday I was kind of excited about how the CITY calendar was shaping up this year. The mini-figure wasn't too bad and the first accessory mini-set was fairly creative.

And then came day three.

Four pieces.

A 1x2 brick. A 2x3 plate. A mug. And a frying pan.

I weep for the children on the world who woke up this morning, looking forward to the fun and excitement hidden behind "Door Number Three".


Louise said...

Never mind the children - I'm an AFOL and I'm weeping!

Ray-The-Sun said...

I'm ecstatic! How Exciting!

I'm glad I didn't get THIS calender, but I'm still depressed about this best thing I get each day is a pice of chocolate I can't taste due to my cold.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get this, but then i saw the price. 30 bucks for what was it? about 197 pieces i think. Way to expensive.

Some of those pieces i want so bad, and now i have to either wait for it to go on sale in the lego store, or wait for a cheap set on ebay

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree. I myself am a child and was very disappointed with the gift. I wanted the castle calendar but it had sold out :(

Chris said...

At least we get a crappy prize out of the way early, would have been more disappointing if it would have appeared in the later half of the month.
At least Barbecue Bob has something to drink while cooking his chicken leg.

Anonymous said...

Well I've always wanted a Lego frying pan and I'm not disapointed

mat said...

this was the most boring of the lot im only 10 and i was so mad with four bits that i piled it on the barbecue

mat said...

edit: lego barbecue