Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 23

Advent Madness Day Twenty Three
(Open the Doors Here)


Okay, I know I'm a grumpy, grumpy guy when it comes to the CITY advent calendar. But I have to admit, LEGO is doing a decent job of bringing this year's effort to a close. Here on day 23 we have the end of the last two-day "Snow Guy" theme - and it's a pretty nice mini-model of a snow mobile.

True, there's nothing too challenging about the construction, but it looks good. And that, my friends, the key to a nice advent door. A model all ages can complete, but that you don't feel bad about pushing along the floor making Bruummm-Brummm motor-noises.

If I had to find a gripe I guess I could talk about how this is actually a sled - there's no motor or drive system apparent. But I didn't notice that until after I started in on the sound effects, so I'm going to ignore the whole issue.

Historically, the 24th door on the CITY Advent has held a fairly elaborate set. How much Holiday Spirit will LEGO be able to pack into that final baggie of parts? Enough to win me over so that I'll buy next years CITY advent?

I'm looking forward to finding out!


Geoffrey said...

I'll say this much - the last door (24) will have parts which could just as easily have fit into the Castle Advent calendar.

Whether it is fitting for the theme it's in will be left as an exercise for the reader when the door's contents are finally published.

Anonymous said...

There's a mount on the snowmobile. So it's a battle sled for mounting a Gattling gun, right? ;)

Ray-The-Sun said...

...Those ski parts...
...Do want...