Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 9

Advent Madness Day Nine


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

...but before we get to that, Player A's cat has completed a build in the Staging Area that it started last turn. (Since a cat isn't a full-sized mini-figure, the players decided that while it could indeed build with the bricks in the staging area, it would take the full turn to do so.)

The end result is this rather elegant Jet-Grill Cart. The cat hops aboard - ready to head out into the battle field.

Things change, however when Player A opens her Door and finds the ladder accessory. Of course she doesn't see it as a ladder, but rather a working catapult. The cat dismounts the Jet-Grill as further modifications are suddenly needed.

Declining to move her two surviving Minifigures this round, Player A decides to launch a ranged attack with the Ice Cream Lance on her female figure. (Shot above is from Turn 5) Her target? The Blue Alien who slaughtered her Fireman last turn.

A ranged attack has one die of damage - the defending Martian has two dice of armor. The ice-cream on a stick fails with a roll of 3 to 9.

Meanwhile, Player B has completed building her day's worth of reinforcements. The "Crossbow on Wheels" counts as a vehicle, so the Black Skeleton (who returned to base at the end of last turn) climbs aboard. The CoW also counts as a Siege Weapon - ready to deal two dice of damage with a range of 10".

Player B completes her turn by moving her forces around a bit - the two knights charge Santa's Stasis Cell while the White Skeleton falls back to swap out his mace for ranged weapons.

The Martian Commander makes the final attack of the round. Annoyed at the Ice-Cream-On-A-Stick attack, he throws a spear at the Ice Cream Girl. Ice Cream Girl has three dice of armor (2 +1 for her shield) and the Martian has only one die of damage. It seems a harmless game of catch....until Player A's bad luck with the dice results in a mere total of six!

The Martian Commander rolls - and gets a SIX! This means an additional die of damage is added - this time the die comes up a ONE. Still - it's enough...just enough.

The Ice Cream Girl is downed - 7 to 6.

Things look quite grim for Player A! Can she rally? Will her Cat-navigated Jet-Grill somehow turn the tide? Stay tuned....


Ray-The-Sun said...

THIS is gonna get interesting...
But anyway, who's controlling the Aliens? You?

Christopher Doyle said...


Yeah. Sort of like the DM controls the monsters in a game of D&D.