Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 20

Advent Madness Day Twenty
(Open the Doors Here)

Palette Jack with extra bits

I've spent far too much time wandering around stock rooms - today's mini-model was an easy one for me to recognize. It's a palette jack - here's a video of one in action.

As far as mini-models go, I'm happy with this one. It's not a common item, but it's well rendered and has some non-standard construction to it. (The light-clip plates as wheels is a particularly nice touch.)

Now, what this has to do with Construction...or Trains....or the Construction of Trains...I have no idea. This sub-theme is still taking shape, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask you Chris, when are you gaoing to do another lego set reveiw? It gave me the idea to get the lego Indiana Jones set!!! Please do more!?!

Nick said...

Speaking of Indian Jones sets, got/getting both new ones fro Christmas. :D

Anonymous said...

how do u know?????

Christopher Doyle said...

@3:58 Anon:

It'll probably be late January before I have time to even think about it. I wanted to do a review of the new Power Miner stuff (Found it all at TRU last week) but I haven't even found time to take a single photo yet. Advent stuff really eats up all of my December timetable. Sorry...

Nick said...

How are the Power Miner sets? Some of them look good.

Geoffrey said...

Speaking of timetables, where's the comic for today, Chris?

Did blogger/google blow a server or something? It's usually around by now.

Christopher Doyle said...


No, just running behind again. I should be back on schedule by Sunday night.