Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 25 - Part 3

Advent Madness Day Twenty Five - Part Thee - The FINAL EPISODE


The final of three Christmas-Day rounds.

As agreed to at the beginning of the game, the final turn begins with a die roll to see who will get to act first. To Player A's mounting horror, Player B wins the roll.

Santa is already in Player B's control (in the hands of her Jester HERO), but she's trapped in Player A's Staging Area - a great distance from the center of the table.

Remember: Whichever side of the center line Santa occupies at the end of this turn will determine the winner.

Player B sees an opening to end things quickly - she tries a HEROic Teleport with Santa back to her own Staging Area!

Player A uses her ZOMBIE HERO to mentally disrupt the teleport sequence - adding one die in opposition to Player B's teleport roll. She needn't have worried - Player A flubs her roll with a 1 - the final FEAT result is 1-6 - Not only did the Jester's teleport go wrong, but he lost his grip on Santa in the process!

Player A decides on the endpoint of the Jester's teleport - the unused Staging Area 2 on her side of the table. The Jester is effectively out of the game!

Player B has one last chance - The Knight moves to Santa ----

Worker: "Does it look like they're making out to you?"

AHEM. Player B declares that she's going to have her HERO Knight THROW Santa across the center line. It's an insane move - and just right for the climax of the Advent Wars.

Players A and B agree on a ratio of die-roll to inches of movement - and Player B picks up the dice...


There's nothing Player A can do. Her HERO has already used his FEAT for this turn. All of her forces are back in her Staging area. No one can reach Santa, much less get him back across the center line.

"I guess that's it, then."


And there you have it. Twenty seven rounds of mayhem brought to you by LEGO's Advent Calendars and Reasonably Clever. I'd like to thank Players A and B for their willingness to drive over to my house and be photographed playing such a silly game.

If the rumors are true and there's both Pirate and CITY Advent calendars in 2009 maybe I can have them both back for a rematch...

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Geoffrey said...

Have you ever noticed if it's a 'silly' game involving 'toys', that it's 3x as likely that a woman will want to participate than a man?

I'm impressed at what Player A managed to create out of her Advent calendar anyway. Maybe there will be some interesting Advent calendars next year!

BTW, Chris, will there be a regular BH comic for Christmas Day?

I could quite understand if you wanted a holiday from Whiskey and Co. In fact, I strongly recommend one! ;)

Al459163 said...

I guess that's what happens when you cheer for the underdog. Player A put up a good fight never-the-less.

Ray-The-Sun said...

Yup. Newbies are the winners.

Unede, Foo!

Anonymous said...

All hail Player B! Santa got killed!

Anonymous said...


***made longer for dramatic feelings***

Zepher said...

That was rather lame Doyle. Player A obviously deserved to win. A HEROic Throw? Really? It was awesome up unti lthis point though! Over all it was very nice, and I appluad both players!

Baz said...

I agree with Zepher. As a Player A supporter, I feel cheated, but it is just some fun at the end of the day. So much so I may take up BrikWars.....