Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 24

Advent Madness Day Twenty Four


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

Turn 24 - the final found of reinforcements from the Advent Calendars. Player A pulls her tenth min-figure from her box - along with its Snowman Sidekick.

Continuing her trademark re-evaluation of the parts, however, that friendly Snowman becomes a formidable SNOW-MECH - armed with ranged attack Spear Gun and close-combat broom. The Snowball-Gal immediately replaced the fallen Aquaman on the Jet-Grill.

Player A was starting this turn at a disadvantage - Player B had just managed to wrest Santa Claus from her grasp. Could she stop Player B's escape?

Player A decides to forgo her movement phase - her vehicles and figures all have their targets in range. She starts off by launching a mass-attack at the Bomber Bucket's piloting Troll.

It's a massive roll - and the Troll falls with a roll of 23-10! More than enough to remove the Troll - and the excess damage carries over to the Bomber Bucket....and it's payload of BOMBS.

With a mighty KA-WHAM the bombs ignite - vaporizing the Troll. But what of Santa?!?

Luckily for both Players, Santa was merely flung from the exploding Bomber Bucket - and sent smashing into Player A's defensive wall! That had to hurt! For the remainder of the game Santa will be treated as "unconcious".

Last turn, Player B used her White Skeleton's turn to rebuild the Archery Cart. This turn Player A launches a small attack from the Snowmobile's Train-Construction Driver at the Skeleton. The attack fails to land by a roll of 3-16.

The Martian Commander, however, has better luck with his dice and finally regains consciousness. He'll be ready to take a part in the final Christmas Day rounds.

As agreed at the begining of the Advent War, Player B's ninth and final minifigure also gets the "HERO" status attached to it. Here we see the Jester emerging from his plastic cacoon.

And here he is taking command of Player B's Kaos Kart. His first action is to try a HEROic Feat and use the Kaos Kart's Chaos Gems to teleport over to the unconcious Santa.

Unfortunately, the dice aren't with Player B and the teleport goes awry! It's up to Player A to decide where the failed teleport ends up...

..and she chooses to leave him right by the Alien Commander. Too bad the Commander used this turn returning to life - he'll have to wait for next round to attack the Jester.

Player B now moves to "Plan B" - the Wench moves up on her Hoverboard and wedges Santa up against the Chaos Gem engine. This will slow down her movement rate to just 5" - but Player B has still regained control of Santa.

Player B finishes her turn by moving up her HERO knight and Skeleton to try and cover the Maid's retreat.

There are just three turns left - and no more reinforcements. Those final three turns will be posted tomorrow at 2:00 am, Noon, and 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Can Player B make it all the way past the centerline with Santa in tow? Will Player A regain control?

All that matters is which side of the table Santa is on at the end of turn 25-C.

It's going to be a hell of a fight.

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