Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 25 - Part 2

Advent Madness Day Twenty Five - Part Two


The second of three Christmas-Day rounds.

As the turn opens, Player B's HERO Knight has Santa in his grip - but he's deep within Player A's territory. And it's Player A's turn to act.

Player A, now at a 0-2 HERO disadvantage, tries a HEROic REVIVE on the sadly Mutilated Dead Zombie HERO. The roll fails 2-3. Player B, however, decides to let the Zombie revive anyway - but with the penalty of NO ARMS.

Player A uses her Movement Phase to adjust the positions of Emo-boy, Train/Construction Man, and the Crook.

The Crook and Worker combine their attack on the Jester - who falls to a roll of 13-25.

Player A also combines the attacks of Emo-Boy, Siege Cat, the Chef, and Grissom to take out that pesky HERO Knight. The roll of 22-11 means he's down yet again! Santa is blown clear again and staggers about until Emo-boy loads him onto the red cart.

It's a bad starting position for Player B - can she recover?

Player B begins her turn by trying a HEROic REVIVE on her Jester. A super impressive roll of 20-1 later he's back in the KAOS KART and ready to take action! He jets over to the fallen Knight...

Who ALSO tries a HEROic REVIVE. A roll of 4-3 and he's back in the action as well.

The Archery Cart tries a combined range attack with the White Skeleton - it's close, but Emo-Boy loses on a roll of 12-11! Santa Bounces free yet again!

The Jester is ready and scoops up Santa!

The Mind-Controlled Snoball-Gal uses a Grate-Smash on the Jet-grill on the HERO Knight - but it fails 14-18.

One round to go. And Player B has the ball.


Ray-The-Sun said...

You should've had something for an Impressive roll when HEROic Reviving. Like Super form, Or Double health.


Ray-The-Sun said...

Sorry it double post, But I just finished "Grand Prix", And with all the tools, I managed to do the "THREE-FISTED MONKEY STYLE ATTACK!"