Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 14

Advent Madness Day Fourteen
(Open the Doors Here)

Life Vest, Flippers, Buoy with flag

Day two of the Coast Guard sub-theme gives us some nice accessories for the diver from Day Thirteen.

The life vest probably isn't as useful for the figure as the flippers - but at least it's in-theme.

The buoy is three parts just waiting for the post-advent building season to begin. The blue flag has only shown up in one other set - Aqua Raiders 2007's Angler Ambush. Having only one flag limits the building fun a little, but, eh, you take what you can from a sub-theme door with only six parts - and that's counting each flipper individually...


Ray-The-Sun said...

Blue Flag-
Yay! Something in the '08 advent calender affects me! Oh and I have a theory why NOWEHERE IN THE SOUTH WEST OF ENGLAND HAD THE ADVENT CALENDER: ALL THE AMERICANS USING THAT CODE!

Geoffrey said...

I still don't see where the comics for day 13 and day 14 have gotten to. Hopefully they'll be along soon, I'm wondering why Whiskey hasn't gotten himself into more trouble.

Al459163 said...

The flag came from a Aqua Raiders set. Not an Aquazone set.

Christopher Doyle said...


Good catch. I've edited the post.