Friday, December 12, 2008

Advent Madness: VS Day 12

Advent Madness Day Twelve


If you haven't already, you'll want to check out the CITY and Castle daily reveals to see what forces our Players will be deploying today...

Player A begins her round by ignoring the LEGO-suggested assembly instructions and adding her new pieces directly to her fortifications.

The Jet-Grill is loaded up with pie-ammo and heads out into the battlefield.

Also in Player A's movement phase, the revived Ice Cream Girl and Heroic Man Eating Turkey move up towards the Alien Stronghold.

Player A's HERO attacks! With a 12-8 victory on the dice, he sends the Orange Squid Martian into the soothing realms of unconsciousness!

Meanwhile, Player B gloats at the easy addition of a vehicle to her forces.

She loads the Dwarf into the cart and sends him speeding out into the field.

Also in the movement phase, her HERO Knight moves in to attack the Red Squid Martian. The battle is quick and decisive - the Knight slaughtering the Alien with a roll of 27-to-4!

The Martian forces are, of course, a bit bothered by all this gore. They send the Blue Squid Martian roaring across the table to intercept Player B's HERO. The HERO's massive armor bonus keeps him from harm, however, with an impressive defensive victory roll of 4-27.

Both players are now in striking distance of Santa - it can't be long now!

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