Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent Madness: CITY Day 2

Advent Madness Day Two
(Open the Doors Here)


Day two in the CITY - and, predictably, the mini-set is part of a thematic package with the Mini-figure from day one. The mystery of the Turkey Leg is solved - it's the lead in to the "Cooking on the Grill" theme. Not as holiday-ish as I had hoped.

Still, this is a fairly creative mini-set, and a new sub-theme and design for the CITY Advent universe.  The extra parts of the third top hinge and second flame are always fun to discover. 

I'll give today three out of five stars - a better than average effort from LEGO today.


CM said...

Weird, I got the same exact spare parts. I wonder if they go to something else within the calendar..

Nick said...


See Advent 2006. You can maybe make a robot. If anything like 2006, you can name him something to do with fire. BURN-E is already taken by Pixar, though.

GIR said...

Christmas BBQ's is pretty common in the southern hemisphere.

Christopher Doyle said...

So I've learned! Leave it to LEGO to expose me to some international culture. :)