Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Madness: CASTLE Day 1

Advent Madness Day One

(Open the Doors Here)

Day 1 - Solider with Spear

For those of you in North America wondering "Where the heck did you get the Castle Advent Calendar? All I could find was the CITY one!",  there were a few ways to get your hands on the "Cool Kids" version of the Advent. You could bug an overseas friend, spend a bundle on eBay, or have been reading the Reasonably Clever Blog a few months ago when I shared the news of a way to get the sets direct from LEGO using a secret code.  Personally, I used two of those methods - I begged for overseas help prior to learning about the shop@home option. 

Anyway, welcome to the CASTLE version of the Advent Countdown. 

Behind Day One's Door we find a mini-figure. This isn't too shocking - every LEGO Advent Calendar in the past that featured Minis has started with one behind the first door. 

This figure doesn't offer many surprises - it's a standard Knight variation - a silver helmet, standard face, standard knightly torso and black/bley legs. The silver spear accessory is also pretty common. A good play value and a clear welcome to the Castle Theme, but that's about it. 

Let's hope tomorrow's door will spruce things up a bit.


Shinkiller said...

Really weird. My first day of the Castle Advent has a completely different figure! It's an archer with two swords!


Nick said...

Did you open the right door, Shin?

Anonymous said...

maybe they put the box in backwards.... Lego's work has been a bit sloppy lately

Shinkiller said...

Yeah, opened the right door. Opened the 2nd one today and it was the right object, the gate. So methinks a blooper somewhere along the line!


JimmytheJ said...

why is the knight in the comic not this one 0_o

(oh, yah, I back from... hiatus? Haven't kept up-to date until today. it's nice to have a backlog of about 80 comics to read through.)

Taylis said...

Okay, I have to admit my own confusion. A look at the box art shows the head depicted in this post as being for the knight, while the pikeman receives a different head (the one in the comic). My own set (actually, all three of ours, since our two older children each have one of their own) all came with the knight's head for the pikeman. So was this a last minute change at Lego? This head would make more sense for the knight than the pikeman, as the knight just seems like he should be older than the common soldier guy. <sigh> An unsolved mystery... too bad Robert Stack isn't with us to look into it... ;)

JimmytheJ said...

Day three's suit of armor solved the mystery. He's been destined for promotion.