Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snack Size Serenity: Version 3

I had to spend some serious time in the workshop this weekend just sorting through the piles of stuff that had accumulated. I parted out a couple of sets, cleaned off the workbench, and generally tried to get things back into a mode where I could get some actual creative building done.

One thing I did find time to do was to tweak the design of the Snack Sized Serenity model a bit. Ever since LEGO introduced the new turbine-style jet engines I've wanted to incorporate them into the model. Here are the results:

I have to say, I like these better than the X-wing engine mounts I had been using. I also replaced the plain grey radar dish on the top of the midsection with a pre-printed version from a Spider-Man set. (It was originally the front of a vault that Doc Ock was breaking into.)

Here are a couple more shots of the tweaks. Don't know if I'll bother to update the building instructions - it's a fairly easy change to the side engine mounts and a complete replacement of the side engines...nothing too complex.

(But still enough to call this a new version!)


Ian Thomas Healy said...

Darn you, Chris - now I'm all morose over the show's cancellation and Wash's death in the movie all over again.



Christopher Doyle said...

Man, I just can't win with you today, can I, Ian?

TK1420 said...

The missus and I went through the series and film last week and are also bummed about it. We still hold hope for a sequel, though.

Firefly's cancellation is yet another reason to detest Fox. Again.

As soon as I clear up some space and get to my "to-be-sorted" bin, I plan to make a Serenity model based on yours. I'm not aware of any Serenity model kit or other swooshable toy that I can acquire.

That pesky bin filled up quickly after I found a bunch of Legos on sale at a 'Tuesday Morning' store. I scored a Batwing for $30 and a Knight's Kingdom castle for $35... not too bad. If you have a Tuesday Morning nearby, it's worth a look every so often for cheap Legos.

On the subject of organizing, I happened upon a 'roly-kit' storage container. It looks like it will be great for mini-figs or other small bits.