Thursday, December 20, 2007

Episode 306

Read the comic here.

I know I've skipped over yesterday's Belville strip - it'll show up later. I needed to explain OJ's actions first and it flows better with the two Uncle Norman strips in a row.

I think you can see in today's strip that Norman and Nephew's torsos are indeed the same LEGO Part. The differences in color in the strips is caused by the strips being a reflective silver color - it comes off as anywhere from white to grey depending on how the flash hits it.

Trust me, if LEGO had given me a variation in the part, I'd be delighted to highlight the change.

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Ian Thomas Healy said...

I recall a certain Kids in the Hall sketch with some businessmen getting down to business preparing to start their presentation and then one says "But first... THE WHORES!" and all the, um, ladies of the evening come into the room.

I loved that show.