Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 17


Just a week to go - or a week and day, depending on how you're counting.

So far the week days in Belville have been balanced by a surprisingly strong showing from the CITY. It can't last much longer - I have this dread feeling that both calendars will be letting us down in a big way before we reach the end. It's inevitable.


It's a bench.

With a clock.

So you can sit and wait for your train, and occasionally get up and walk a bit to check the time, because you certainly can't see the clock while you're seated.

It's not a bad model. The clock piece is pre-printed and not a sticker.

But...yawn...not much to keep one going.


I'm calling this another "Storybook assortment." For, indeed, it even comes with a storybook. I can't think of any Fairytales that involve a frog and a gem, though.

Well, it's a pretty large book. Maybe these are props from two different stories.


Today's race was fairly close - there were a lot o parts in the CITY door, a couple of them are even useful. But Belville came with a frog, and, as readers of my web-comic will attest, I do so love them LEGO frogs.



Ranger Snow said...

I disagree with you today. I would have given the win to City, because that clock tile is the only part in the advent calendar I don't have.

Christopher Doyle said...

Ranger Snow:
I have a few of those clocks - It didn't even register as 'rare' to me. Looking at the parts list, though...yeah. It'd have to be either the clock, blue backpack/bucket or the white life preserver as the only bits that would even qualify as "uncommon."

Something else to gripe about, I guess. ;)

jordan said...

Frogs turn into princes when kissed, thats story book themed, A prince should be close by I think

TK1420 said...

At least the clock is right twice a day.

Something about the crystal in the globe makes me think it's radioactive.

Saber Lion said...

WRONG!! The minute hand should be closer to one.