Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 12


Twelve Maids a-milking,
Rabbit, carrot, and oil drum.
Joy lives only in song.

- "Advent 12", a classic LEGO Haiku


PROOF! PROOF that LEGO is annoyed that the CITY Advent Calendar continues to sell; that they'd rather see it die. That bean-counters have beaten LEGO's model team into submission and all that's left is a semi-trained monkey to assemble each year's CITY Advent.

Yes, this door is another repeat - this time of Day 17, 2005.
But go look! 2007 is actually a stripped down version! In 2005 we got two more pieces!

GAH! Why does it have to hurt so much?


I didn't mention this in the strip (yet), but the rabbit it scaled to interact with the larger Belville characters, just like the first LOLCat. That makes it rather large in the Mini-Figure world. To attempt a rough scale translation - it's be like meeting a 5' bunny on the street.

Kind of intimidating. Yet this rabbit has appeared in one CITY set - the Holiday Train. (Although it could be argued it was meant as a stuffed toy.)

The bunny comes with a carrot accessory, as well as an extra tuft of greens as an extra piece. Or maybe they're suggesting the rabbit got hungry waiting for day 12 and had already eaten half of its supplies. I dunno.


If you think today is going to a stripped-down rehash door, you haven't been reading the other advent blog entries.



Ian Thomas Healy said...

The rabbit MUST be named Harvey, and only Whiskey should be able to see him and talk to him.

That would be hilarious.


Cavorter said...

It's Harvey!

Christopher Doyle said...

Ian, Cavorter:

I haven't seen the film yet! But I plan to...and even if this rabbit isn't Harvey, there's no reason a second rabbit can't show up a few strips later...

Cavorter said...
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Cavorter said...

It's a film actually deserving of the term "classic". My image of you as a well cultured individual has now been shattered. :-P

Christopher Doyle said...


Sadly, I don't do very well on most "movie classics" checklists. I am working on it - but there are just so many BAD movies still out there to see...

Ranger Snow said...

Lego sure loves giving us little red handcarts. Today should have been a little boat or something.

PR said...

i liked the handcart...STUPID BUNNY!STOP BEING SO CUTE!RAWR!

Freddie said...

*sigh* They could at least have given us a yellow(or blue) handcart. At least it would have been a bit more original.

Giver said...

Sigh. Lego durring the restt of the year you give us stuff we can enjoy. Durring the Cristmas season you reash old crap and allow a drunken monkey to control the calender. Lego during the rest of the year you are awesome but right now you just plainly SUCK!

"Cough" use a drunken monkey as a lego rep coming to explan why the calender sucks "cough" Its comic gold "cough"

Na said...

I'd love to see Earl, the rabbit, and LOLcat have a coversation... that would be hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

in 2005 the handcart had 2 more pices not 3

Christopher Doyle said...

Good catch - I was counting that extra axle bit twice. I've edited the main entry to fix that.