Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Slight Delay

Sorry, everyone. I don't have today's material ready quite yet.

(We're redoing the bathroom in our house, and demolition of the old begins tomorrow morning. Getting everything out of the way took a lot longer than I had planned.)

I do have the photos taken - so I'll be able to catch up over the course of the day tomorrow. (Hooray for break time!) I may even (gasp) get a bit ahead of the publishing schedule.

Anyway, though some of you might be wondering what was up.


PR said...

ty for telling us

Doug7172 said...

Hey chris I justed started my own website! WOOT! I want to start a webcomic, what programd should I use and how would I uploaded them?

Jordan said...

Oh come on Chris Its already well into day 5 in England. Sigh.

Jordan said...

Can I just say that the time in England is about 6 hours ahead of whaqt it is in America so my post isn't that early in the morning

Christopher Doyle said...

You're welcome

Not an easy question to answer - there a million ways to go about things. Personally, I use Paint Shop Pro for most of my graphics work and Dreamweaver for the HTML/Uploading.

The curse of differing Time zones - at least it gives you an edge on getting contest entries in...