Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 2


Advent Madness continues into its second day.

Speaking of madness, I had to spend most of today at work. In fact, I'm still at work while I'm writing this. So if I'm a bit grumpy in this review, please forgive me.


Well, it's not as bad as yesterday, but it's still a repeat. City 2005 Day 2 had a fire hydrant and some other Fireman-related accessories. Of course, back in 2005, two of those accessories were rare and cool parts like a blue flame and a backpack model not seen in years.

Here in 2007 the model of the hydrant is a bit more realistic looking, maybe.

More frightening, though, is that today's door comes with a couple of axes - making the 2007 recreation/re-release of Day 1, 2005 complete. If I weren't able to use this nonsense as a plot point in my comic, I'd be really, really, really annoyed. (Rather than just really, really annoyed.)

One small plus for today's door: Extra parts. Got to love the extra parts. None of them are particularly rare or cool, but hey, extra parts.

Yes, it's a stretch. I'm trying to be cheerful.


I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be. I'm guessing it's supposed to be a bed of some sort - that's how the on-line guides are referring to it, anyway. I think it looks a bit too uncomfortable for a bed. No pillow, no blanket, no sheets - this is little more than a cot. And what's up with the leafy canopy?

To add to the strangeness, the canopy is topped with a small, transparent blue crown accessory stuck into a 1x1 cone. And, just to be safe, LEGO included a second crown for one the first gets eaten by the vacuum cleaner.

In the realm of "after Advent part usage" today has some good bits - the four transparent/glitter legs on the bed will make great stained glass windows in a Castle rebuild somewhere, and the canopy is supported by two chrome-colored posts that will feel right at home on a space ship.

But I've no idea what to do with those crowns.

I'm still annoyed at CITY's rehashing of old themes, but I'm going to have to give them today's Door. More extra parts and some nice accessories does beat out the utter strangeness of Belville's cot/bed/whatever.

But just barely.



Jordan said...

I don't really care about the repeats coz I never got the 2005 calender, just the 2006 one but this years calender doesn't arrive at my house till tuesday!!!
Curse you 7 working day LEGO delivery.

Anonymous said...

That canopy is supposed to be white. Did it appear green in the picture or did you really get a green leaf?

Zacknut said...

agh. Lemme guess, tommrow, somethings gonna be on fire, say a barrel?

Zacknut said...

Chris, seriously, a few of us still use the forum, but i cant log in, it acts like nothing happened and returns me home. is there ANYTHING I can do? please, i reaaaaly want into the tiki.


Christopher Doyle said...


The picture on the box shows white, but the part was, as shown here, green. Sadly the Belville box itself doesn't have a parts list like the CITY version, so I don't know when the decision was made to switch, or if I just got a goofy version or something.

I haven't made any changes to the forum; the problem has to be on your side. You might try clearing your cookies/internet cache and trying again.

Nick said...
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Christopher Doyle said...

Nick: No spoilers, please.

takua-777 said...

well said jordan i didnt get the 05 one either.

grammajude said...

I got a white leafy thing.

grammajude said...

I got a white leafy thing.