Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 11


Day Eleven is upon us.
Holiday Cheer absent from this world.
Weep for the children.

- "Advent 11", a classic LEGO Haiku


Well, it's new, whatever it is. I think it's supposed to be a tiny wee dock. But, man, is it ever wee.

Maybe it was built by and for the Lilliputians.

The red clip on the base is actually an extra piece. Not that you can really tell.

I almost...almost...find myself wishing LEGO had included a sticker to make the warning sign a bit more useful.


So we've gone from a blocky snowman (the most holiday themed item to date - even the candy-striped radar array from CITY falls short in comparison) to...a piece of castle wall.

A PINK castle, at that. I suppose it would throw off attackers.

"Say, Nigel, why is that castle pink?"
"Can't really say, Bob. It certainly doesn't look as foreboding as the black onyx walls manned by the Wizards of Keep-Onmoving. "
"That's true. Do you think they're pushovers or something?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Well, there's a huge knight in pink barding charing towards us with a giant axe wrapped in flowers."
"RUN AWAY!!!!"

But as an advent item, it really isn't that impressive.


Belville has a tiny part of a castle wall. Four pieces, no real construction challenge to speak of.
CITY has a bunch of parts, even if the final model is a bit mysterious.

They're both useless, but Belville is the more useless of the two. This time.



Ranger Snow said...

City's model actually has a nice white life ring; could make a nice toilet seat.
As for Belville...urgh. As if that castle wall hunk wasn't useless enough, they had to go and make it a hard-to-use color on top of that. At least it has a nice crystal on top...

reimagination said...

The white ring in the City set might possible be an avant-garde Christmas wreath.

PR said...


jordan said...

Do not fear, City is here